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NEXT EVENT : AWF PsychoticSlam 2014 - Sat 30 Aug - Blacktown PCYC, Blacktown, NSW
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4th August 2014

PsychoticSlam 2014 poster

AWF PsychoticSlam 2014
Sat 30 August @ Blacktown PCYC

Australasian Wrestling Federation (AWF) returns to Blacktown PCYC on Saturday 30 August for Australia's biggest annual live pro-wrestling event: PsychoticSlam! The AWF supercard will feature over 2 hours of exciting pro-wrestling action suitable for all ages, featuring a variety of the premier pro wrestlers from NSW and VIC, in 6 electrifying bouts.
PsychoticSlam began in 1999, and has featured many of the top bouts and feud culminations in AWF history. This year's event will also be nothing short of historic, with a huge double main event slated.

The last event at Blacktown PCYC on 2 August saw a full house witness a great evening of AWF Wrestling action, highlighted by TNT and Whiskey Sixx defeating Dean Draven & Apollo for the Tag Team Titles. The loss of the Tag Team Titles has set a rift in the Draven/Apollo camp, which is sure to be addressed at PsychoticSlam.
In the fallout of the Tag Team Title Bout, after the match, Iron Ben Coles interrupted TNT & Whiskey Sixx's celebration, calling out TNT for a big Grudge Match at PsychoticSlam. The match was set as an Anything Goes bout, however post the event Coles has been injured and will be out of in ring action indefinitely, but will still be at ringside for PsychoticSlam. Coles's Main Event replacement is world renowned hardcore wrestling expert, Victoria's Mad Dog Mcrea. The new bout of TNT versus Mad Dog Mcrea with Iron Ben Coles at ringside promises to be wild to say the least, and will be fitting for the PsychoticSlam main event.

In the second half of the double Main Event, Australasian Champion Dean Draven, will face Victoria's deadly Gabriel Wolfe. Wolfe is hot off a successful tour of Japan where he became the Underground Wrestling Champion, and has been preparing vigorously for his first AWF Title Bout Main Event. Draven has been a dominant Champion, defeating all contenders across Australia since winning the Championship in March, however has had problems with tag partner Apollo in recent months. This title bout showdown will pit two of Australia's most in form wrestlers in a bout that is likely to feature many suplexes and submissions, and will no doubt be intense.

In other exciting PsychoticSlam action the arrogant Apollo with Lord Mark WIlliamson will defend the Commonwealth Championship against the fiery Diego Del Fuego, the granite like Blakestone will battle newcomer Tristan Slade, Women's action will pit the exciting Niki Nitro against sneaky Flame, and in a big Tag Team bout Benny Factor (VIC) & "Kings Cross Trash" Alex Titan will battle Syd Parker and Whiskey Sixx in what promises to be an exciting clash of great rising talent.

So whatever you do, don't miss this excellent night of pro-wrestling action, as AWF presents it's biggest annual event: PsychoticSlam 2014 at Blacktown PCYC in what will be a historic and memorable evening of pro-wrestling.

Scheduled PsychoticSlam Card:

Anything Goes: Mad Dog Mcrea Vs TNT
Australasian Championship: Gabriel Wolfe Vs Dean Draven
Commonwealth Championship: Diego Del Fuego Vs Apollo
Tag Team Action: "Kings Cross Trash" Alex Titan & Benny Factor Vs Whiskey Sixx & Syd Parker
Women's Action: Flame Vs Niki Nitro
Newcomer Vs Former Champion: Tristan Slade Vs Blakestone
Plus more surprises on the night!

Be sure to get up to speed by viewing the August Appreciation Video Recap: http://youtu.be/66w5XO5LUmU
Check out all the action and happenings of the 2 August Blacktown PCYC event, plus the dissension between Apollo & Draven, and the Iron Ben Coles VS TNT confrontation leading to PsychoticSlam!

The last AWF @ Blacktown PCYC event all seats where full, so it is advised to book early to get best seats or avoid missing out altogether for this mega-event!
Be there live in person for AWF's biggest annual event, PsychoticSlam!
Tickets on sale now!

When: Sat 30 August - Doors 7:30pm, Belltime 8pm
Where: Blacktown PCYC: 30 Second Ave, Blacktown, NSW
Tickets: Ringside $25, General $15.
Pre-Purchase here for guaranteed seats: http://www.awfwrestling.com.au/item/125/AWF+PsychoticSlam+2014+Tickets.htm
All ages event

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