Central Coast Showdown - Australasian Wrestling Federation
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AWF Central Coast Showdown
Niagara Park, NSW - Sat 14 Nov, 2009

Niagara Park, NSW
Adam Hoffman def. Mark Hilton
AWF Tag Team Championship
AWF Tag Team Champions Frankie Fettucini & Traffic def. TNT & Iron Jay
AWF Commonwealth Championship
AWF Commonwealth Champion Powerhouse Theo def. Toxin
Gosford Ghetto Street Fight
Max Comic def. Billy Flyswat
Strap Match
Harley Wonderland def. Bombshell Bo
AWF Rumble Match
Show Notes

- Former AWF Champion Mark Hilton returned to action, but was bested by "The Aerialist" Adam Hoffman in a high flying battle of the shooting star presses.

- Cornershop Connection became the new Tag Team Champions by forfiet when Team Astronomy did not make the event. Bombshell Bo then came out and informed she had a team for them to face in their first defence: TNT & Iron Jay! After lo9oking like they were about to take the titles, TNT dislocated his finger and then Iron Jay was smashed with the AWF Championship by the interfering Massive Q which led to Jay being pinned with the Lunch Break legdrop-sideslam combination.

- Powerhouse Theo retained against the deranged Toxin winning with the Powerbomb.

- Max Comic avenged Billy Flyswat's recent antics by defeating him with the punchline fit drop in the finale. Grant Linstrom interfered on Flyswats behalf many times.

- Harley Wonderland downed arch rival Bombshell Bo after assistance from Massive Q and a cake to the face.

- After an exciting 20 man pins and over the top elimination AWF Rumble which featured many debuting wrestlers, and even an appearance by Gravity, it ended upo coming down to the Cornershop Connection and Adam Hoffman. Hoffman disposed of Fettecini, but the new Tag Team Champions sneaky tactics were too much in the end and Frankie pulled "The Arialist" out in the end giving Traffic the win. The Cornershop Connection celebrated with the Tag Team Championships to end the show.

1. Coles
2. Hilton
3. Sir Loin
4. Warrior
5. Theo
6. Illusionist
7. Falco
8. Linstrom
9. Gravity
10. Massive Q
11. Williams
12. Rob M
13. Fettecini
14. Traffic
15. Flyswat
16. Toxin
17. Hoffman
18. Comic

1. Massive Q eliminates The Ilusionist (after 11th entry)
2. Massive Q eliminates Sir Loin (after 11th entry)
3.Iron Jay eliminates Massive Q (after 12th entry)
4. Massive Q eliminates Iron Jay (after 12th entry)
5. Powerhouse Theo eliminates Falco (after 13th entry)
6. Marc Hilton eliminates Powerhouse Theo (after 13th entry)
7. Marc Hilton eliminates Bill Flyswat (after 15th entry)
8. Marc Hilton eliminates Grant Linstrom (after 15th entry)
9. Marc Hilton eliminates Toxin (after 16th entry)
10. Franki eliminates Marc Hilton (after 16th entry)
11. Tama Williams eliminates The Samoan Warrior (after 16th entry)
12. Franki eliminates Rob M (after 17th entry)
13.Max Comic eliminates Tama Williams (after final entry)
14. Franki eliminates Gravity
15. Cornershop Connection eliminate Max Comic
16. Adam Hoffman eliminates Franki
17. Cornershop Connection eliminates Adam Hoffman

Winner: Traffic

Sydney Olympic Park, Auburn City Council
Sydney Olympic Park, Auburn City Council
Sydney Olympic Park, Auburn City Council
Perth, WA