This is AWF Wrestling @ Gosford - Australasian Wrestling Federation
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AWF This is AWF Wrestling @ Gosford
West Gosford, NSW - Sun 18 Jul, 2010
Gosford RSL Club
26 Central Coast Highway,
West Gosford, NSW
Traffic, Frankie Fettucini & Bombshell Bo def. Linstrom, Falco & Devine
Toxin def. Emo Kid Rain
AWF Young Lion's Championship
AWF Young Lion's Champion Mick Moretti def. "The Scientist" Robbie Barnes
AWF Commonwealth Championship
AWF Commonwealth Champion Powerhouse Theo def. Bill Flyswat in a non-title match
Number 1 Contender's Match
Show Notes

- First time event at Gosford RSL, saw an enthusiastic crowd show up.
- Show opened with Detonation Crew coming to the ring. TNT acknowledged the teams unity would be tested as he would face Iron Jay. Iron Jay told TNT let the best man win, and both shook hands. TNT then asked Max Comic to come out Max would be special ref for the Commonwealth Title bout. Comic stated clearly he would be calling the bout straight down the line. Powerhouse Theo stated that he would be taking out Bill Flyswat. Bill Flyswat then entered the frey and bought up that Theo was the one who injured Comic, and asked him to reform the Gosford Giddyups and join Elite Wrestling. Comic declined and reminded people that the last time they were together he crashed him through a table, and that tonight he would be unbiased and was here to referee down the line! TNT rounded up by wishing fans well and to enjoy the evenings action.
- After a fun bout, local girl Bombshell Bo pinned Baby Devine in the opener.
- Toxin managed to get the win with a choke bomb after an emotional effort by Rain.
- Elite Wrestling's newest member Robert Barnes broke a test tube over Moretti's head for a disqualification, and then blasted the Young Lion's Champ and former valet Mighty Mel, announcing the belt would be his.
- After a back and forth bout, Powerhouse Theo took the momentum and speared Flyswat for the seeming victory, until Falco & Linstrom pulled guest referee Max Comic from the ring and roughed him up. Linstrom then clocked Theo from behind with a shifter, sending the champ to the mat. Flyswat sneakily planted the weapon on Powerhouse Theo and faked that Theo had clocked him with it, and as Max arose, Elite Wrestling called for a disqualification. Comic asked the fans and quickly worked out what had went down, and as Linstrom & Falco tried to charge the ring he countered by clocking each. In centre ring Flyswat attempted to nail his Tropical Cyclone, but Powerhouse countered and nailed The Powerbomb for the win.
- After a challenging encounter, the improving duo of The Illusionist & Fusion almost upset Massive Q, but Q was too huge in the end scoring a double choke slam and Massive Splash for the win.
- The Island Tribe proved too much for the Meat Massacre when Shane Saw was knocked silly and unable to kick out.
- After an evenly fought sportsmanlike bout, after many back and forth pins, both TNT & Jay ended up in a backslide struggle which lead to both men's shoulders being pinned. Referee CB Cochran ruled a double pin, and the match a draw. It was stated that both men would now be number 1 contender, and it would be a three way with Massive Q having to put his title on the line against both Detonation Crew members at the next Gosford show. Q was all bent out of shape and Mortis & Toxin took him to the back.
- Next AWF show in the area is PsychoticSlam at The Entrance Leagues Club on Sat 21 August. AWF will return to Gosford RSL later in the year TBA soon.
Sydney Olympic Park, Auburn City Council
Sydney Olympic Park, Auburn City Council
Sydney Olympic Park, Auburn City Council
Perth, WA