February Fight Club - Australasian Wrestling Federation
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AWF February Fight Club
Prospect, Blacktown City Council - Sat 21 Feb, 2009
130 Ollier Crescent,
Prospect, Blacktown City Council

Show Notes:

- Show opened with Detonation Crew. They said they would be gunning for all AWF Championships and had The Freakshow in their sights. Q & Toxin came out and were challenged to bout. Max Comic came out and appeared to be TNT’s mystery partner, then the former “Taipan” arrived on scene and TNT reintroduced him as his partner “Fully Loaded” Luke Fordward. Q & Toxin said non title bout.

- Jason “The Destroyer” lived up to his name and snapped the top rope in the opening bout, almost destroying the whole card. Scotty Club managed to finish off Dacey with the “All partied out” flatliner, and told fans after he would win Australia’s Cup at Blacktown on 7 March.

- Flyswat downed Rockafella with “Hook Fly and Sinker” for the win leading into Aust Cup.

- 3 Way for the YLC was very evenly matched, with ladies fans taking to Steve Ravenous. It was however not enough, as he was pinned by Bluey Bonza for the fall.

- Max Comic took the 4 way returning to form after his AWF Title shot loss on 16/1.

- Traffic scored his first singles win pinning the in form Rob Best in a competitive bout.

- TNT & Fully Loaded took Q & Toxin when Alison Wonderland bungled a chair shot meant for TNT, and it instead smashed Q, leading to him being tackled down, and Toxin being Detonated and moonsaulted for the DC win while Theo scared off Alison. After the bout TNT declared that Theo & Fully Loaded would face Q & Toxin at Blacktown with the Titles on the line, and that he would be preparing like never before for his match against Il Cognito on 18 August for PsychoticSlam. He urged everyone to get a ticket and bring friends because the cage match would be the biggest night of his career.

Next AWF Live Event is Australia’s Cup on Sat 7 March at Blacktown RSL, Blacktown, NSW

Marrickville, NSW