Break Out Mt Druitt - Australasian Wrestling Federation
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AWF Break Out Mt Druitt
Shalvey, NSW - Fri 25 Sep, 2009
Police Citizen Youth Club Mt druitt
453A Luxford Road,
Shalvey, NSW

Show Notes:

- Kieran Burns introduced the show, and then bought out Bombshel Bo to help with proceedings.

- Rockafeela opened up complaining he didn’t have opponent and said he would be forming his own group. He challenged anyone in back and Grant Linstrom challenged, but fell short.

- Spaceboy Dacey scored perhaps the biggest win of his career defeating former AWF Champion returning to action, Dean Draven with the “Space Destroyer”.

- Massive Q advanced to Round 2 of Australasian Title Tournament defeating Traffic with a big splash in a heated battle of the big men.

- Iron Jay avenged Bathory’s attack at the last Mt Druitt event by pinning him with a splash off the top rope. During the 6 man Flyswat and Comic had a miscommunication, but managed to work back together on the way to victory.

- Adam Hoffman & Mick Morretti had a fantastic athletic bout, which was ended when Zander Bathory & Harley Wonderland interfered, stopping Hoffman on the top rope, then attacking Moretti. Hoff and Mint however fought Bathory off leaving Wonderland open for Mighty Mel to charge in and jump start the next bout.

- Mighty Mel was energetic, but in the end Wonderlands experience and dirty tactic were too much for the smaller Mel as she succumbed to a sit down goard buster.

- Powerhouse Theo and Adam Danzig had a great back and forth main event. Danzig tried to hit a spinning DDT from the ropes many times, finally scoring, but was too close to the ropes. In the end Theo was too much scoring with the last powerbomb for the victory.

- Next local events are 9 October at The Cube in Campbelltown, followed by Parramatta PCYC on 17 October.

Marrickville, NSW