Rise Up Wallsend - Australasian Wrestling Federation
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AWF Rise Up Wallsend
Wallsend, NSW - Sat 15 Aug, 2009
Wallsend Pioneers Memorial Hall
54 Cowper Street,
Wallsend, NSW

- Adam Hoffman was impressive and popular with home town in victory over Rockefellar
- TNT gave a promo and thanked all for coming and explained his shoulder injury. He then vacated the Australasian Championship and announced there would be a Tournament for it in stages as part of the Break Out Tour. Harley Wonderland entered and slapped TNT, leading to an attempted second one which TNT spun into a waiting Bombshell Bo to start the next bout.
- Bo wnt on to defeat Wonderland after TNT distracted Harley with the Australasian Title belt and Bo hit a twisting fishermans suplex.
- Massive Q downed Benny Coles after Wonderrland returned and distracted Coles leading to a Q big splash.
- Zander Bathory was counted out in his match against Spaceboy Dacey, thus again holding on to the Young Lion's Title. Rob Best entered after the bout and "Team Astronomy" nailed Bathory with a double irinagi slam.
- The Giddyups remained Tag Team Champion when they bested Toxin & Rigga Mortis, who call themselves "Pestilence" with a tandem Death Valley Driver.
- Rob "The Scientist" continued his winning ways when he pinned Traffic in the 3 way, after Traffic dumped Ravenous hard to the floor.
- In the main event Powerhouse Theo and Mick Moretti put on a great display of back and forth hard hitting pro-wrestling to the crowds enjoyment. After almost 20 minutes of hard and fast action, Moretti failed at a springboard rana off the ropes, and was caught, muscled up, and powerbombed by Theo for the win. After the bout Theo told "Mint Condition" he had earned his respect and the two embraced. Theo thanked fans and invited them to come to the next Wallsend event on 10 November.
- A very good night of AWF, and a nice start at the new venue.

Marrickville, NSW