The "May"n Event - Australasian Wrestling Federation
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AWF The "May"n Event
Prospect, Blacktown City Council - Sat 21 May, 2011
130 Ollier Crescent,
Prospect, Blacktown City Council
Sir Loin def. Falco
AWF Tag Team Championship
AWF Tag Team Champions DJ Fusion & The Illusionist def. Diego Del Fuego & Anubis
Jay Law def. Shane Saw
AWF Young Lion's Championship
Jay Law def. "The Scientist" Robbie Barnes for the AWF Young Lion's Championship
Show Notes
- The May’n Event started with a 10 bell salute for the passing of local wrestling supporter and photographer Chris Taylor, and international star “Macho Man” Randy Savage.
- In the opening bout Sir Loin started off strong as Freddie Falco was unable to take the big man off his feet. With a Spit of water in the face Falco turned the tides. Sir Loin served up more chops than a butcher shop and was back on top. A few inferences from “Greatness” Grant Linstrom gave Falco the upper hand again. Referee OJ Fitzpatrick took no slack from Falco asserting his authority as the official and shoving him to the ground after a confrontation. Sir Loin put Falco away with “The Cut Above” for the pin.
- Tag Title bout match started with a Collar and Elbow tie up that took DJ Fusion and Del Fuego out, then back in, then back out of the ring again. The tag champs dominated the early goings of the match not allowing Diego Del Fuego to reach his partner. With a low blow to DJ Fusion, Del Fuego made the tag and the tables turned on the tag team champions. Almost a mirror of early in the match Multi-Cultural Society wouldn’t allow DJ to reach his corner and tag in The Illusionist. When the Illusionist finally got in the ring it wasn’t long before the tag champs were on top and won the match with an innovative body scissor/lung blower combination that left Diego Del Fuego helpless to escape the pin. After the match MCS members, The Samoan Warrior and Tama Williams beat down Party Trix and sent a message to Spaceboy Dacey who then returned the favor and came to the aid of Party Trix and announced he had found a mystery tag partner for his tag match in the main event against The Island Tribe.
- In the Partners Collide Final Jay Law started the match with an incredible onslaught of strikes before a quick counter by Shane Saw put Jay outside the ring. Every counter Shane Saw came up with though was short lived as Jay Law continued to dominate the Victorian. A quick comeback and a Samoan drop from Shane Saw followed by a few big moves put the chainsaw wielding mad man on top for the first time in the match. As Shane set up for a Hurricanranna Jay Law countered with a big Powerbomb and got the pin. By winning the tournament, Jay Law earned the right for a shot at any AWF Championship at his discretion.
- After intermission Concrete Davidson came to the ring to let the fans know about the Great Aussie Rumble at the upcoming Aussie Mania. Concrete was then interrupted by “Greatness” Grant Linstrom and challenged to Arm wrestling contest. Concrete outmuscled Linstrom, and after losing, the embarrassed Elite wrestler tried to attack the 1920’s strongman before being launched over the top rope and embarrassed yet again.
- In the Tasman Vs Traffic bout, Tasman began the match by running into the brick walls that is the former Tag Team Champion Traffic. Tasman initiated a test of strength only to take the easy way out and trip the big man. The man from Van Demons Land then continued to dominate by choking Traffic on the ropes followed by a super kick. Traffic fought back after Tasman missed a tackle in the corner which led to a big side slam. A big body slam from Traffic was followed by a disappointing two count as the crowd thought the match was over. In the bouts climax Tasman ducked a big clothesline and hit the man from the RTA with an implant DDT to pick up the victory.
- The Young Lions Title match began by a classic Rob Barnes moment of refusing to take his championship belt off. When the action finally began with the Champion and the man from Safety Bay, WA going back and forth fighting for control. After a big kick from outside the ring and an interesting confrontation with fans in the front row, The Scientific One was on top. A big kick to the face and a brutal attack on the knee saw The Son of Anarchy at the mercy of the Champion. Hanging Daxon in the tree of woe Rob Barnes demoralized the challenger with a big spit of water in the face and a barrage of insults. This seemed to light a fire in the challenger as he began to show signs of life with several big moves and a two count. A distraction from Baby Divine saw the Champion able to counter a top rope Cross Body and make Daxon Kage submit to a vicious Texas Clover Leaf. After the match the rest of Elite Wrestling came to the ring in support of their champion only to turn on him and lead to Jay Law cashing in his title shot on his partner and becoming the new AWF Young Lions Champion. This seems to be the end of Robbie Barnes’ tenure as a member of Elite Wrestling.
- The Main Event began with Spaceboy Dacey revealing the former AWF champion, Massive Q as his surprise partner to the shock of The Island Tribe. After it was decided which two men would start the match, the man from outer space was all over The Samoan Warrior. Q and Dacey tagged in and out dominating The Samoan until a well placed kick from The Commonwealth Champion allowed his partner to make the tag. Tama Williams had no problem dealing with Dacey but seem to want nothing to do with Massive Q. The smaller man, for a very rare occurrence, of the team, Spaceboy was being dominated by the Island Tribe. Q finally got in the ring and dominated Tama and The Samoan with several big hits and a chokeslam on Tama Williams. A spear from Spaceboy to The Samoan Warrior wasn’t enough when Tony Kebab laid out Massive Q with two chair shots to the head which lead to Air New Zealand from Tama and gave the Multi-Cultural Society the win. After the match Kebab took to the mic, insulted fallen and absent Detonation Crew members and called out TNT. TNT wasn’t shy to respond and made a stipulation for the Main Event of Aussie Mania. If Iron Ben Cole and former WWE star U-Gene beat The Multi-Cultural Societies Island Tribe, then the Detonation Crew gets Tony Kebab alone in the ring for 1 minute. The Commonwealth Champion replied they’d accept on the condition that if he and The Samoan Warrior win at Aussie Mania, that the Multicultural Society would take possession of The Australasian Championship. TNT agreed and urged all to be at Aussie Mania on 10 June at Panthers Penrith, NSW.
Live report by Brendan Burman.
Sydney Olympic Park, Auburn City Council
Sydney Olympic Park, Auburn City Council
Sydney Olympic Park, Auburn City Council
Perth, WA