July Justice - Australasian Wrestling Federation
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AWF July Justice
Prospect, Blacktown City Council - Sat 23 Jul, 2011
130 Ollier Crescent,
Prospect, Blacktown City Council
AWF Commonwealth Championship
AWF Commonwealth Champion Tama Williams def. Spaceboy Dacey
AWF Tag Team Championship
AWF Tag Team Champions DJ Fusion & The Illusionist def. Falco & Linstrom (DQ)
Show Notes

- The opening bout started with Anubis all over Shane Saw. After a big back body drop Shane Saw started to come back. Anubis then managed to keep the Victorian grounded and ma de a few chokes that referee Tony Kebab didn’t call a DQ. Anubis continued to dominate until Shane Saw got a big swinging neckbreaker. Shane Saw went to the top rope for a double axe handle but Anubis caught him and hit a big T-bone capture suplex and got the three count.

- In his second match back in the AWF Powerhouse Theo locked horns with the Samoan Warrior in what began as a battle of strength. After being dominated by Theo The Samoan Warrior escaped a powerbomb attempt and went outside the ring, he then gained the upper hand after he snapped Theo off the top rope. With the Reff distracted Diego Del Fuego, the ring announcer for the night, chocked Powerhouse with the bottom rope. The Samoan Warrior remained on top until Theo came back with some big forearm shots and a bulldog. The Samoan Warrior nearly had the pin after a counter into a back breaker. The pair then went slam for slam first Theo hit the Samoan with a huge spinbuster for a two count, then The Samoan Warrior hit a huge Samoan drop with the same result. Theo then got the Samoan on his back with a double leg takedown with a rollover pin. After the match Selene interviewed the Victor who let the fans no he and the rest of the Detonation Crew were just getting started.

- The Commonwealth title match started with Tama struggling to take the bigger man down. Spaceboy continued to drop the champion with clotheslines and shoulder tackles. Tama reversed a neckbreaker then followed up with a scoop slam for a two count. The New Zealander continued to attack and taunt the challenger. With the crowd behind him Dacey began to fight back but was stopped by a picture perfect dropkick. Tama managed to keep the big man down until Spaceboy hit a huge German Suplex. Tama was lucky to escape a powerslam attempt and hit a superkick a big kick to the back. Both men landing big slams followed by two counts seemed to frustrate the combatants. It took a chair shot from The Samoan Warrior to keep Spaceboy down but after an Air New Zealand Splash Tama finally picked up the win and retained the Commonwealth championship. The Island Tribe then began to beat down the fallen Spaceboy, but luckily El Technico came to Dacey aide which led to TNT announcing a tag match for the next show at the AWF Dojo.

- Before the Tag Team Championship match could begin, the newly formed tag team Mass Transit, Traffic and Massive Q came to stake the claim for their Tag Title match at Psychotic Slam next month.

The match then began with The Illusionist out maneuvering Greatness Grant Lindstrom. Party Trix then double teamed the challangers forcing them to regroup outside the ring. Once Falco and DJ Fusion tagged in Elite had the upper hand. Party Trix again double teamed and took control of the match. Falco then distracted the reff to allow Lindstrom to attack The Illusionist from behind. Elite remained on top until The Illusionist counter a badly time Clothesline Leg Sweep combo and tagged in his partner. Elite couldn’t get their hands on DJ Fusion who continued to out wrestle the pair. Elite then tackled both champions and had them in painful submissions but Party Trix crawled to the ropes. Party Trix hit the finisher and were about to win the match when Mass Transit entered the ring and layed waste to the tag champs as Elite high-tailed it out of the Dojo. When DJ Fusion managed to chase Q and Traffic from the ring with a chair, Party Trix got on the mic and warned the big men that they wouldn’t go down without a fight at Psychotic Slam.

- The Grudge match of the night began by El Technico attacking Jack Tasman before the bell had rung. Tasman couldn’t seem to find his bearings until he throw the high flyer into the ring post outside the ring. The Bad Apple of the AWF then continued to beat down the Mexican and was nearly disqualified for a four count from a choke on the ropes. El Technico began to fight back with Clotheslines and a Hurrincanranna. El Technico attempted a top rope Hurricanranna only to fall from the top rope face first. The battle then went back and forth until Tasman counter a top rope dive into a Powerbomb but only got a two count. El Technico countered a DDT into a roll up pin and won the match.

- The Main Event for July Justice was a Champion v Champion match that saw the Young Lions Champion Jay Law take on the AWF Heavyweight Champion Iron Ben Coles. When the match got under way both men seemed to be at a standoff going move for move, counter for counter. The match continued back and forth until Jay Law distracted the reff and Falco choked Ben Coles on the turnbuckle. Jay Law landed a picture perfect Capture Suplex that left the AWF champion lying on the mat. Ben Coles the managed to escape a Powerbomb attempt but fell victim to a vicious Sleeper Hold. Even with an interference from Falco Ben Coles managed to escape the sleeper and began to dominate his fellow champion. Jay Law went to attack Ben Coles with a metal water bottle but Coles took the bottle and hit the Young Lions Champion and was disqualified. When Elite Wrestling began to beat down Iron Ben Coles, Powerhouse Theo came to the rescue running off Elite Wrestling. TNT entered the ring and the main event of Coles and Theo Vs Falco and Linstrom was made for the next AWF Dojo card on 20 August .
Now with two tag team matches scheduled for next month, Faclo and Linstrom v Coles and Theo at the next Dojo show and Jay Law and International Superstar Dick Togo v Coles and Theo at Psychotic Slam the Detonation Crew have their work cut out for them.

Show Video Final: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9ratzddm4o&feature=player_embedded
Show Pics - http://www.neilwells.net/awf230711.php
(Show Report by Brendan Burman)
Sydney Olympic Park, Auburn City Council
Sydney Olympic Park, Auburn City Council
Sydney Olympic Park, Auburn City Council
Perth, WA