A Night To Remember - Australasian Wrestling Federation
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AWF A Night To Remember
Parramatta, NSW - Fri 17 Feb, 2012
Parramatta RSL Club
Parramatta, NSW
Massive Q & Traffic def. CRSM & Randal
AWF Young Lion's Championship
AWF Young Lion's Champion Spaceboy Dacey vs. Mick Moretti
Rachel Rose vs. Charlene West-Dee
Anubis & Diego Del Fuego def. Samoan Warrior & Steve Ravenous
G J Fitzpatrick def. Shanesaw, Diego Del Fuego, Massive Q, Brayden Jackson, Man Mountain Grizzly, scotty Matthews, Randal, CRSM, Steve Ravenous, Spaceboy Dacey, Marko Mitra, DJ Fusion, Mick Moretti, Dan Damage, Tama Williams, Traffic, Con Robinson , Detective Magnum Holmes & Jack Tasman
Detonation Crew vs Elite Wrestling Elimination Tag Team Match
Iron Ben Coles & Rob "The Scientist" Barnes def. Jay Law, Greatness & Falco
Penrith, NSW