July Justice - Australasian Wrestling Federation
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AWF July Justice
Blacktown, Blacktown City Council - Sat 5 Jul, 2014
PCYC Blacktown
30 Second Avenue,
Blacktown, Blacktown City Council
AWF Australian Women's Championship
Lependra def. Daisy Chain for the vacant AWF Australian Women's Championship
Shane Saw def. Alex Titan
AWF Commonwealth Championship
Championship Vs Mark WIlliamson Must Leave AWF
Gladiator Apollo def. Blakestone for the AWF Commonwealth Championship
Mystery Partner Tag Team Bout
AWF Australasian Championship
AWF Australasian Champion Dean Draven def. American Rampage
Show Notes
Show Notes:

- Matt Svenson debuted as ring announcer opening the show and doing ring announcements.

- Mark Williamson interrupted the opening with Apollo and American Rampage in tow, declaring Apollo’s greatness and how he would defeat Blakestone and become Commonwealth Champion and Blakestone will not rid him out of AWF, and Rampage would down Draven and take the Australasian Championship. Lord Mark proclaimed that once the night was over the House of Williamson would reign supreme in AWF.

- In the Australian Women’s Championship bout, Lependra defeated Daisy Chain with a roll up out of the corner and a hand full of tights to win the vacant title left by Rachel Rose not defending.

- Shane Saw overcame the odds and defeated the larger AWF debutante, Alex Titan, with a top rope leg drop. After the bout, a passionate Shane Saw laid down the challenge to Massive Q who has been hindering Shane in recent months, and said he wants Q at the next event August Appreciation.

- The stipulation Commonwealth Championship bout turned out to be a heated one, with Mark Williamson being proved a phoney once more, as when Apollo looked done for he jumped out of his wheelchair and up to the apron. As the referee was distracted American Rampage clocked Blakestone with the Commonwealth Title belt from behind, allowing Apollo to score with a top rope elbow and become the new Commonwealth Champion. Williamson and crew celebrated while Blakestone was attended to by crew.

- In the Mystery Tag Team Partners bout, Ali Abraham announced his partner as the returning Anubis, and TNT introduced Whiskey Sixx as his partner. After a physical bout Whiskey & TNT triumphed after a Detonator, Whiskey Shot and Elbow drop combination on Anubis. After the bout TNT praised Whiskey as a partner, and with the fans encouragement challenged Draven and Apollo for a tag title bout.

- The Australasian Championship bout saw Draven looking in control against American Rampage when Apollo entered the ringside area, raising the ire of his partner Draven. Rampage then capitalised and almost gained victory after some dirty tactics and the assistance of the championship belt, but Blakestone entered and stopped Rampage, fireman’s slamming him, and chased off Apollo and Williamson. In ring Draven took care of business with a diving headbutt from the top rope for the win. After the bout Rampage complained and challenged Blakestone to a Michigan Mercy Match on 2 August at the next Blacktown PCYC event: August Appreciation.

- The DVD of July Justice is available now for $20 plus postage at http://www.awfwrestling.com.au/store/index.htm or at the merchandise stand at AWF Live Events.


Highlight footage of the events that took place at AWF July Justice on 5 July at Blacktown PCYC featuring Apollo defeating Blakestone for the AWF Commonwealth Championship, and American Rampage challenging Dean Draven for the AWF Australasian Championship.
Sydney Olympic Park, Auburn City Council
Sydney Olympic Park, Auburn City Council
Sydney Olympic Park, Auburn City Council
Perth, WA