August Appreciation 2014 - Australasian Wrestling Federation
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AWF August Appreciation 2014
Blacktown, Blacktown City Council - Sat 2 Aug, 2014
PCYC Blacktown
30 Second Avenue,
Blacktown, Blacktown City Council
Anything Goes Grudge Match
Shane Saw def. Massive Q
Michigan Mercy Match
AWF Tag Team Championship
TNT & Whiskey Sixx def. Dean Draven & Gladiator Apollo for the AWF Tag Team Championship
Show Notes
Show Notes:
- Matt Svenson opened the fan appreciation event, and was swiftly interupted by Mark Williamson, Massive Q & American Rampage. After stating that they all would be dominant tonight they introduced the new Commonwealth Champion Apollo. Apollo gloated about ending Blakestone's title reign and then Mark Williamson requested that Dean Draven come out and join the Hous of Williamson. Draven entered and flat turned Williamson's offer down, and told his partner Apollo not to bring Williamson to ringside during the Tag Title bout tonight or there would be trouble.

- Iron Ben Coles defeated Ali Abraham in the opening bout with the Iron Splash.

- Coby Starr made an impressive AWF debut pinning Mighty Mel with a cutter to score the win.

- After months of battling, the big Grudge Match came to a head as Massive Q and Shane Saw battled an Anything Goes bout that did not disappoint fans in attendance at Blacktown.After attacks with pool cues, bins and other plunder, Saw was chokeslammed from the ropes through a table, but incredibly kicked out! Shane was then able to fight back and score with the Shane Saw Massacre legdrop from the top putting Q through the table and scoring the biggest win of his career. Saw addressed fans after the bout that was for believing in the little guy, and that today he proved he is as good as Q and anybody in AWF.
Both men received treatment after the bout and where beaten up quite bad.

- After the intermission, The Michigan Mercy Match was announced, with stipulation to be winner by submission, with the bout starting with participants having their hands tied behind their backs. Blakestone agreed to the stipulation, on the arrangement that if he beat Rampage, then Rampage would be gone from AWF! On the start Rampage and WIlliamson double crossed Blakestone, and Rampage attacked him before the referee tied his hands. After attacking Blakestone for a few minutes, Shane Saw managed to help out with his chain saw and cut the ropes from Blakestone, allowing Blakestone to fight back and submit Rampage with a reverse figure four leglock. Rampage was sent packing to the USA to the fans approval.

- Bee Boy was unable to carry on his momentum from his win over Benny Factor at Night 2 of the 15 Year Anniversary event, as the skilled newcomer, now known as "Kings Cross Trash" Alex Titan defeated Bee Boy with a king hit punch to the back of the head. To add insult he pinned the fallen Bee with a foot on the chest, and Bee Boy was taken away after the bout.

- Mighty Mel and Matt Svensen drew the AWF Raffle before the main event, and it was won by loyal AWF supporter Michael Oxley who scored many DVDs, Posters, Tickets, and a T-Shirt, Hat, Action Figure and signed goodies. Thanks to all that supported the AWF Raffle.

- The Australasian Tag Team Championship Bout saw the newly formed team of Whiskey and TNT work well together, while Apollo and Draven showed some dissension. After the Beasts dominated Whiskey for much of the bout, the teamwork fell apart as Mark Williamson entered on behalf of Apollo, then Apollo missed a belt shot on Sixx, and instead smacked Draven out, leaving TNT to nail Apollo with a Detonator, which Whiskey followed with a 450 Whiskey Shot from the top rope to win the Tag Team Titles. After the bout Draven was furious and tried to attack Lord Mark, but Apollo held him off and the two had words as they left without the Tag Titles, as TNT and Whiskey celebrated in centre ring.

As TNT & Sixx celebrated Iron Ben Coles interupted their moment and challenged TNT to a Grudge Match at PsychoticSlam. TNT said it was very rude of Coles to interupt and for the fans he will be happy to face him Anything Goes! The match was set, but since Coles has been mysteriously injured and will now be replaced by Victoria's hardcore wrestling icon Mad Dog Mcrea, in what will likely be an even wilder encounter!
Is this a plot by Iron Ben Coles? Be at AWF's next event at Blacktown PCYC on Sat 30 August for PsychoticSlam to find out!

- AWF thanks it's awesome fans for coming out and making the night a success with all seats full. AWF hopes to see you all again at PsychoticSlam on Sat 30 August at Blacktown PCYC for another exciting night of AWF Wrestling action!

PsychoticSlam tickets available here:

- The DVD of August Appreciation is scheduled to be available at the merchandise stand at PsychoticSlam, and will be at as soon as available.
Sydney Olympic Park, Auburn City Council
Sydney Olympic Park, Auburn City Council
Sydney Olympic Park, Auburn City Council
Perth, WA