AussieMania 3 - Australasian Wrestling Federation
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AWF AussieMania 3
Blacktown, Blacktown City Council - Sun 28 Sep, 2014
PCYC Blacktown
30 Second Avenue,
Blacktown, Blacktown City Council
AWF Commonwealth Championship
AWF Commonwealth Champion Gladiator Apollo def. Shane Saw
AWF Tag Team Championship
TNT & AWF Tag Team Champions Whiskey Sixx def. Benny Factor & Alex Titan
AWF Australasian Championship
AWF Australasian Champion Dean Draven def. "Green Dragon" Mick Moretti
Show Notes
- Loyal and enthusiastic crowd got behind the action. AWF sincerely thanks all that made it out to the event!
- Matt Svenson interviewed Tristan Slade to open the show. Slade noted his big debut win last event over Blakestone, and that there would be no Great Aussie Rumble, and he should just be given a title shot of his liking. As a surprise to the fans Aussie Ozbone entered and shut Slade up when a match ensued, pinning Tristan with the Down Under (Backdrop) Driver.
- Kieran "The Duke" Burns was announced, and made his return to the ring announce position after a few months away to approval of all AWF loyal fans.
- In a true heavyweight battle, Massive Q used his experience to out force Saxon Bruce.
- Apollo barely walked away from a big effort from Shane Saw in the Commonwealth Title bout. Massive Q re-emerged after victory in the previous bout, when it seemed Shane would hit his Shane Saw Massacre top rope legdrop, and pushed Saw, crutching him, and allowing Apollo to powerslam Shane for the dubious win. Afterwoods Q carried off Shane, and Williamson and Apollo gloated that Draven better watch out as the same fate awaits him.
- Diego Del Fuego & Bee Boy battled to a rare double pin. Bee Boy had seemingly gained some respect from Diego and the two shook hands afterwoods.
- TNT & Whiskey Sixx retained the AWF Tag Titles with a TNT Detonator & Whiskey 450 Splash follow up.
- Dean Draven defeated Mick Moretti in the Australasian Championship bout with the Panther Crossface. After the bout Apollo, Williamson and Massive Q attacked Draven, and had strong words stating that Apollo will take the Australasian Championship from him. TNT & Whiskey cleared out Apollo, Williamson and Q, and then come to a bloodied Draven's aid.
- AWF thanks the many loyal AWF supporters who attended, many who traveled from afar, and our staff and wrestlers for their efforts.
- Upcoming in October AWF Lucha bouts will appear at Mexican Day in Darling Harbour Sat 11 & Sun 12 October, and also at Luna Park on 31 & 1 November. Details up in the coming days on AWF Website.
AWF's next Blacktown PCYC event "November To Dismember", originally 1 November, has been moved back a week to the new date of Sat 8 November, with tickets available now at AWF Website Events page.
- Please support the upcoming events, spread the word and do your best to attend upcoming Live AWF Pro-Wrestling festivities!
Sydney Olympic Park, Auburn City Council
Sydney Olympic Park, Auburn City Council
Sydney Olympic Park, Auburn City Council
Perth, WA