Rise of the Warriors 2015 @ AWF HQ - Australasian Wrestling Federation
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AWF Rise of the Warriors 2015 @ AWF HQ
Minchinbury, Blacktown City Council - Sun 27 Sep, 2015
AWF Wrestling Headquarters
40 Sterling Road,
Minchinbury, Blacktown City Council
Spaceman Dacey def. Masked Kamikaze
TNT drew Dean Draven (DQ)
AWF Commonwealth Championship
AWF Commonwealth Champion Apollo def. Matt Bailey & The Buccaneer
Show Notes
AWF Rise of the Warriors 2015
Live Pro-Wrestling @ AWF HQ #2
Sunday 27 September

AWF Rise of the Warriors 2015 results and recap:
The 2nd AWF HQ event started off with Andrew coming out to the ring to introduce the competitors for Rise of the Warriors 9 and announcing that the winner of the tournament will receive the AWF Queensland Wrestling Championship.
Round 1
TNT b. Misfit
TNT started off this contest by getting the AWF fans on his side. The two competitors traded holds before TNT took control. TNT called for the Detonator early but Misfit capitalised on a mistake and took advantage. TNT showed signs of hope but was quickly cut off by Misfit. Misfit attacked TNT’s back and there were several near falls but TNT refused to give up. TNT fought back and called for the AWF fans to rally him on. Misfit tried to fight back but is hit with a running forearm. TNT hit a fireman carry into a cutter and then cannonballed a standing Misfit in the corner. TNT then executed a back-to-belly piledriver and hits corkscrew from the top rope to get the 3 count on Misfit after a hard fought bout.
Dean Draven b. Mikey Lord
The opening stages of this bout saw back and forth holds between Mikey Lord and Dean Draven. The two traded forearms and Lord was knocked to the mat. Lord took Draven to the mat and attacked with punches to the head. Lord hit Draven with a moonsault to the outside and then attempted a hurricanrana to the outside once more but was caught and powerbombed onto the apron by Draven. Lord then received a German suplex to the floor outside. Mikey showed hope but was caught and Draven responded with an exploding suplex. Draven then missed a diving headbutt. Lord tried to capitalise with a pin but Draven kicked out and and locked Lord into the Crossface to win this extremely physical bout.
Spaceman Dacey b. Masked Kamikaze
Randal offered a handshake before the match begun but Spaceman attacked instead. Spaceman rolled out of the ring after Randal started to fight back. Spaceman returned back into the ring and Randal hit some big moves before Spaceman capitalised with clothesline and then a big bodyslam. Spaceman hit another clothesline, threw Randal out of the ring and slammed his head into stairs. Randal was then thrown back into the ring and showed signs of life but was cut off by Spaceman. Randal tried to fight out out but had his mask pulled back by Spaceman. Spaceman hit a fallaway slam and confidently attempted a pin for a 2 count. Spaceman attempted a suplex but Randal flipped and hit a back cracker. Randal landed a super kick for a 2 count. Randal then missed a senton bomb after Spaceman rolled away. Spaceman then hit the spear and a spinning suplex for the win.
Whiskey Sixx b. Alex Titan
Titan had the upper hand at the beginning of this bout. Whiskey went for a baseball slide but Titan caught and spun him connect with a kick to the head. Titan chopped Whiskey on the outside and cleared fans out of the way to throw Whiskey into chairs, but instead throws him back into ring. Titan then choked Whiskey on the ropes while mocking the fans. Titan was distracted by referee and Whiskey rolled him up for 2 count. Titan took advantage once more but was whipped to the corner. Whiskey ran at Titan and was thrown over the rope. Whiskey attempted a springboard cross body to Titan but was caught and slammed. Titan took Whiskey to the corner on his shoulders but and was reversed into a power bomb. Whiskey attempted a moonsault but Titan got his knees up at the last second. Whiskey executed a head scissors into a DDT and then a senton for a 2 count. Titan superkicked Whiskey and both men fell to floor. After getting back to their feet Titan delivered a big kick to face. TNT came out and distracted Titan, and Whiskey capitalised. Whiskey hit a Shooting Star Press and then a 450 for the win.
AWF Commonwealth Championship Triple Threat
Matt Bailey vs The Buccaneer vs Apollo
Apollo had his 449 day championship reign on the line. The match started off with Bailey connecting a kick to the head of Buccaneer. Apollo then sent Bailey to corner and attacked. Bailey reversed into the opposite corner. Buccaneer then came back into the ring to attack Bailey but Bailey reversed it. Apollo hit a belly to belly suplex on Bailey, sent Buccaneer to the corner and shoulder charged him. Buccaneer moved out of the way. Buccaneer then took out Bailey and went after Apollo. Buccaneer goes to top rope but is stopped by Bailey on the way up. Bailey attempted a superplex but Apollo turned it into a tower power bomb. The 3 traded blows between each other. Buccaneer took down the other 2 with slams and then body splashed Apollo from 2nd rope. Bailey then got the upper hand on Buccaneer. The 3 men hit spine busters. Bailey connected with a super kick to Buccaneer, but Apollo threw Bailey out of ring to cover Bucky for the 3 count.
Round 2
Double disqualification due to interference
The 2 men shook hands before the start of this bout. TNT took down Draven with some technical wrestling. TNT took Draven down with a shoulder charge and Draven returned with a German suplex on TNT for a 2 count. TNT caught Draven’s kick and reversed it into a stunner. Both competitors were on their knees trading chops and forearms as they worked their way up to their feet. A double clothesline took them both back down to the mat. Matt Bailey and Alex Titan took to the ring to attack TNT and Draven causing a double disqualification. AWF officials and crew attempted to stop the attack on Draven and TNT but Titan and Bailey turned and attack the crew. After the bout, TNT vowed to get revenge on Bailey and Titan for attacking him and his friend Dean Draven.
Due to the TNT vs Draven match resulting in a double disqualification, Spaceman Dacey vs Whiskey Sixx will be the main event for the AWF Queensland Wrestling Championship.
Spaceman Dacey b. Whiskey Sixx
Spaceman took the early upper hand in this match with shoulders to the gut in the corner. Spaceman threw Whiskey by the hair out of the corner. Whiskey fought back with chops, and then arm dragged and dropkicked Spaceman for a 2 count. Spaceman recovered and hit Whiskey with a lariat for a 2 count. Whiskey his a dropkick from 2nd rope to Spaceman and attempted a splash but Spaceman rolled out of the ring. Spaceman comes back in and gains the upper hand on Whiskey. Whiskey fought back, hit a DDT and fired up the crowd. He then took to the top rope but was taken down and thrown out of the ring. Whiskey made his way back into the ring but was put into a Boston Crab. Whiskey crawled to the ropes for a break. Spaceman took Whiskey to the corner and delivered punches to his head, but Whiskey turned it into a power bomb. Whiskey made a comeback and hit a springboard somersault to a standing Spaceman. Whiskey hit a cutter on Spaceman for a 2 count. Whiskey performed a moonsault on Spaceman for a 2 count. Whiskey then made his way to the top rope for a cross body but was caught by Dacey who turned it into a bodyslam for a 2 count. Spaceman argued with referee and Whiskey rolled him up for 2 count. Whiskey put Spaceman in position for a Shooting Star Press and hit it, but Dacey kicks out for a very near fall. Whiskey tried his luck again but only to a 2 count. Whiskey hit forearms in the corner but Spaceman came back with a spear into a spinning suplex to get the pin and become AWF Queensland Wrestling Champion.

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SHow review by Nicolas Tucker
Sydney Olympic Park, Auburn City Council
Sydney Olympic Park, Auburn City Council
Sydney Olympic Park, Auburn City Council
Perth, WA