"May"nia - Australasian Wrestling Federation
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AWF "May"nia
Blacktown, Blacktown City Council - Sat 23 May, 2009
Blacktown RSL
Second Avenue,
Blacktown, Blacktown City Council
Ben Coles def. Nick Ferno, Rob "The Scientist" Best, Mick Moretti & Destroyer Dacey
Bombshell Bo def. Shazza McKenzie
Massive Q, Zander Bathory & Toxin def. Scotty Club, Bluey Bonza & Adam "Dr. Waxhead" Hoffman
AWF Tag Team Championship
AWF Tag Team Champions Billy Flyswat & Max Comic def. Steve Ravenous & JT Robinson
Jay Law drew Kid Dynamite (DQ)
"Bushranger" Kelly def. Rockafella
AWF Commonwealth Championship
AWF Commonwealth Champion Powerhouse Theo def. NOSAWA Rongai
Show Notes
- Show opened with Detonation Crew addressing enthusiastic Blacktown crowd. TNT noted his AWF Australasian Title win and his shoulder injury from steel cage match and Florida WWE camp, and said he has vacated AWA Australian Title, but would not give up AWF Australasian without a fight. TNT welcomed Max Comic to Detonation Crew with T-Shirt, and commented on all the gold making Detonation Crew the number 1 group again. Powerhouse Theo addressed the Blacktown crowd saying it was his home away from home, where he had his first bout, and now first Commonwealth Title defence, and he would defend the belt with honour for the AWF fans. Il Cognito then interrupted saying TNT’s victory was a rip off, and that The Freakshow would be taking back all the gold and had a surprise for Theo, alignment with his opponent, Nosawa Rongai of Japan. Nosawa entered and said he would take the AWF Commonwealth Title from Theo.

- Ben Coles outshone the Young Lion’s pack pinning Nick Ferno in the final. It is questionable what Ferno’s age is and there will be an investigation into his claim as a Young Lion still. Coles earned a future YLC shot for the win. - After Bombshell Bo defeated the spellbound Shazza McKenzie, Alison Wonderland & Zander Bathory heavied her over in the ring prompting Bluey Bonza to charge the ring cracking Bathory with punches. Q & Toxin then jumped Bonza leading to Club & Hoffman entering and starting the factions 6 Man.

- After some fantastic tag team co-ordination from Australian Made Bonza seemed poised for victory, when Shazza jumped on the apron all crazy like. Bluey concerned approached her, only to have blood spat in his face, and then Toxin & Q delivered their “Freak Out” flap jack & splash double team for the win. Afterwoods Shazza embraced Bathory and she left with “The Freakshow”.

- Il Cognito defeated Blakestone after interference from Massive Q. The Freakshow continued the assault after the bout, and Australian Made saved Blakestone. Scotty Club said there was now bad blood between Aus Made & The Freaks.

- Flyswat & Comic defeated Ravenous & JT after Players miscommunication. The Players were frustrated afterwoods.

- “The Return From The Rising Sun” bout between Kid Dynamite & Jay Law saw a fast paced highly skilled first fall end in a double pin. Kid Dyno asked for a restart and they continued to beat the crap out of each other. Next both men were counted out, and then Law demanded a restart. Both men then went crazed, throwing chairs, barricades and anything else into the ring and were ready for war. A double DQ was called. Ring announcer Kieran Burns was layed out. Ravenous and JT entered to calm things down. After Ravenous and JT told them to stop fighting they said they should start pulling their weight and get focused to get championships again. Dyno and Law, possibly feeling belittled lashed out and the Players teams brawled until pulled apart. Total Madness!!

- Former AWF referee and graduate, now Californian based, Aussie “Bushranger” Kelly defeated the cocky Rockafella in a competitive bout.

- The main event saw Nosawa show much skill early taunting Theo and trying to take away his power offence. After much back and forth action Theo started to take the momentum and set up for his spear. Nosawa pulled ref Ben “Woody” Jago in paths way and was taken out. Il Cognito then entered and stroked Theo and held Theo while Nosawa went to crack Theo with the Commonwealth championship. The ploy backfired as Theo moved, Il Cog was clocked, and then TNT stormed the ring with the Australasian title, risking his shoulder he cracked Nosawa with the belt, and Theo followed with the “Power”bomb and scored the big victory. Theo, Bombshell Bo & TNT celebrated after.

- A great follow up show to PsychoticSlam. Lots of quality wrestling action, many twists and turns with the characters, and more development of the factions. Intensity mixed with entertainment and an enthusiastic crowd combined for a great show with great fantastic crowd participation. Next Blacktown event TBA soon!
Sydney Olympic Park, Auburn City Council
Sydney Olympic Park, Auburn City Council
Sydney Olympic Park, Auburn City Council
Perth, WA