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AWF Fighting Spirit
Prospect, Blacktown City Council - Sat 22 May, 2010
130 Ollier Crescent,
Prospect, Blacktown City Council
AWF Young Lion's Championship
AWF Young Lion's Champion Mick Moretti def. Emo Kid Rain
Elimination Gauntlet Tag Bout
AWF Commonwealth Championship
AWF Commonwealth Champion Powerhouse Theo def. Tama Williams
TNT def. Falco (DQ)
TNT & Iron Jay def. Bill Flyswat & Falco
Omega def. Samoan Warrior
AWF Australasian Championship
AWF Australasian Champion Massive Q def. Rob "The Scientist" Barnes
Show Notes

Show Notes:
- During the Morreti Vs Rain YLC bout Pestilence came to ringside. Morretti pinned Rain with the Mint Slice, and afterwoods Mortis & Toxin berated Rain. Spaceboy & The Illusionist entered and started the Tag Gauntlet.
- Rain pushed The Illusionist off the top rope causing Pestilence to get the advantage and take the first fall. Shane Saw & Sir Loin entered next, and with both teams down, the Cornershop Connection entered the bout and cleaned up and eliminated Saw & Loin. Rain tried to help in final fall again but Traffic & Frankie outsmarted Toxin & Mortis & took the win.
- Grant Linstrom moved back into title contention defeating DJ Fusion with the Greatest Jawbreaker in wrestling in a competitive bout.
- Powerhouse Theo represented Australia strongly, downing NZ’s Tama Williams with the Powerbomb retaining his Commonwealth Title.
- Mighty Mel’s Mystery oppenent was called out, and Elite Wrestling entered. Bill Flyswat addressed the audience telling that they would dominate all divisions, and now it was time to introduce their women’s competitor… Baby Devine. Devine went on to win the bout with a Boston Crab which almost broke Mel’s back. Afterwoods Devine continued to stomp on the back of Mel, while Falco bullied Mel. This bought TNT to the ring. He told Falco he wasn’t tough for picking on a little girl, and asked the crowd if he should face a man. Falco attacked TNT from behind, but the assault didn’t last long until TNT pounded Freddie and locked on the Dynamite Clutch until Flyswat interfered for the disqualification. Flyswat & Falco then kicked at TNT while Devine taunted him, leading to Iron Jay saving his partner TNT. Tony Kebab declared a tag match between the Detonation Crew and Elite Wrestling. The match went ahead and Jay pinned Falco after a Detonator and Iron Splash combination.
- Omega upset Samoan Warrior breaking his undefeated Dojo streak.
- Massive Q down Robert The Scientist when it looked like Barnes was about to take the win, Spaceboy entered and overzealously through a testube of “Winning Formula” into the ring. An average throw saw it land near Q, who grabbed it, and drank it down. He immediately charged up and crushed The Scientist and took the win. Spaceboy & Mel entered afterwoods, and a riled up Spaceboy declared he wanted a Title shot against Q, and that Team Astronomy would win the Tag Team Titles at The Cube in July.
- Next AWF Dojo event is 26 June, and next AWF events are Supanova on 19 & 20 June.

Sydney Olympic Park, Auburn City Council
Sydney Olympic Park, Auburn City Council
Sydney Olympic Park, Auburn City Council
Perth, WA