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AWF This Is AWF Wrestling @ The Cube
Parramatta, Parramatta City Council - Fri 9 Jul, 2010
The Games Cube
79 Phillip Street,
Parramatta, Parramatta City Council
AWF Australasian Championship
AWF Australasian Champion Massive Q def. Frankie Fettucini
AWF Commonwealth Championship
AWF Commonwealth Champion Powerhouse Theo def. Il Cognito
Wayne Mattei def. Falco & Linstrom
Mighty Mel def. Selene, Baby Devine & Bombshell Bo
AWF Australasian Championship
AWF Australasian Champion Massive Q def. Blakestone in a non-title match
Show Notes
- Show was a TV Taping, with various matches set to air on "This Is AWF Wrestling" in the coming months.
- Show opened with Massive Q & Il Cognito gloating that they took out TNT & now would do the same to Blakestone. Frankie Fettucini came out through the crowd, and said Q had stolen his pizza and wanted a title shot. Q responded and splashed Frankie for the win.
- Mark Hilton wowed the audience with an impressive victory using a springboard splash defeating Korea's Masked Musa.
- After months of niggling disenction, Team Astronomy of Spaceboy Dacey and The Scientist Robbie Barnes came to an end, as Robbie turned on Spaceboy as he was about to get the tag, letting all loose on Dacey after drinking his winning formula, and beating him up for Elite wrestling to get the win. He embraced with Elite wrestling members after and revealed a set of blue tights under his gear to the fans disgust.
- The entire Detonation Crew, including the returning Bombshell Bo came out and TNT said they have had it with The Freakshow & it was time to end it. He challenged them to a Faction Vs Faction bout. Il Cognito came out and said they do not accept, and that he had a challenge instead for Powerhouse Theo's Commonwealth Championship. Theo said he would accept on the condition if he won that they would get a Faction Vs Faction bout. Cognito said we'll see.
- Wayne "The Maniac" was impressive taking out Mr Mortis, then later in the night Elite Wrestling's Freddie Falco & Grant Linstrom.
- Krackerjack used an illegal low blow to down the in form Mark Hilton.
- TNT defeated Tama Williams in a competitive Australia Vs New Zealand bout.
- Iron Jay had a successful night defeating Krackerjak, and the larger Sir Loin.
- After winning the women's 4 way, Selene and Baby Devine joined forces to attacking Mel, to which Bo saved her, and made friends.
- The main event Australasian Championship bout was an impressive meeting of two huge individuals. After seeing Q rocked more than ever by any opponent, Blakestone launched the 170kg of Q onto his back and delivered a fallaway slam. In the process the referee was taken down, and Il Cognito entered the fray clocking Blakestone with The Australasian Title belt which allowed a Massive Splash by Q and scored the Freakshow the dirty victory. The Freaks then tried to take Blakestone out stomping and attacking him, until the Detonation Crew stormed the ring clearing out The Freakshow. TNT said that was it and Challenged the Freaks to an Elimination bout where the losing team would disband, for the October Cube event. The Freaks accepted!

- Next Cube TV Taping event will be the special time of Sun 17 October at 2:30pm.
Sydney Olympic Park, Auburn City Council
Sydney Olympic Park, Auburn City Council
Sydney Olympic Park, Auburn City Council
Perth, WA