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18th September 2009

- Lots happening in AWF with the Break Out Tour in full swing in October! Get out to the shows in your area, they will be strong cards and a lot of fun.

- TNT vacated the Australasian Championship on 15 August at Wallsend due to his shoulder injury and announced a tournament for the Championship during the Break Out Tour. With the tournament underway results so far have seen Mick Moretti defeat Rockefellar at Minto on 5 Sept, Iron Jay Coles beat Jay Law at Parramatta on 12 Sept, and Massive Q bested Traffic at Mt Druitt on 25 Sept to advance. Rd 1 remaining bout will take place at Wallsend on 10 Oct with Max Comic facing Kizarny and Round 2 first Round is set for Campbelltown with Mick Moretti to face Massive Q.

- Former WWE & TNA star “Kizarny” Sinn Bodhi will be in AWF on October events in NSW and South Australia. Be sure to catch him, including a special “Monsters and Madness” show at Parramatta on 17 Oct where he may even perform some carnival tricks. Kizarny and TNT will also conduct wrestling seminars in Elizabeth East, SA (15 Oct) and Minto, NSW (18 Oct). To meet Sinn Bodhi and be a part of the seminars email to enroll.

- AWF is on Facebook. Make sure you visit & join our Facebook page at to get more of the latest from AWF. Interact with AWF and many of our wrestlers and get the latest info.

- The AWF Fansite has been doing a great job keeping fans in the know with great show coverage and wrestler interviews. 2008 AWF Supporter of the Year Neil Wells runs the fantastic site. Be sure to check it out at .

- Powerhouse Theo has been tearing through the competition during the Rise Up and now Break Out Tour. He remains Commonwealth Champion defeating all comers so far since winning the title on 19 April. 11 October will see him defend against Kizarny at The Cube in Campbelltown.

- Benny “Iron Jay” Coles mania has been running wild with him making many appearances and successful bouts over the last few months since his A Current Affair piece. Coles will face his biggest challenge to date when he battles USA’s Kizarny in front of his home town fans at Fairy Meadow on 11 October.

- Zander Bathory remains Young Lion’s Champion, however continues to use The Freakshow to help and save him from any shady situation. He has recently escaped the attacks of “The Scientist” Rob Best and Spaceboy Dacey.

- Tag Team Champions The Gosford Giddyups have had some mild disenction in recent bouts, climaxing at Parramatta on 12 Sept when the two faced off for a qualifying bout for the Australasian Championship Tournament. After Comic scored the win, Flyswat was not happy and wanted to continue things. TNT and Bombshell Bo entered the ring and calmed the situation. The team however has patched things up it seems, as they worked cohesively at Mt Druitt with Iron Jay Coles to defeat The Freakshow, as they lead into their biggest defence to date at The Cube in a Massive 4 Corners Elimaination Tag Team Title Bout.

- Many AWF Wrestlers were in the media with the TNA publicity day, including Iron Jay Coles, Krackerjack and Massive Q to name a few. TNA will be in Australia 24/2 • 5/3, 2010.

- Congratulations to AWF School of Pro-Wrestling student “Mighty” Mel who made her successful debut on 12 Sept at Parramatta PCYC teaming with Rob “The Scientist” defeating Harley Wonderland and Massive Q. Congrats also go to Dane Iceton who has debuted as part of the Freakshow as the deranged Rigga Mortis, and Grant Linstrom has been challenging all comers.

- Since last time many students from the AWF School have made show cameo appearances including Joel Fullerton & Ethan McKay in tag action, Jesse Williamson in singles, and Aaron Parker Paul Gaelic & Shane Herbert and as referees. These trainees, plus the rest of the crew have been busting their butts, and with their work ethic it will only be a matter of time until we see more of these guys along with the previously appearing Chris Goode, plus guys like Maximum Chris, Rob Madeddu, Selene and many others.

- UK’s Adam Danzig will compete on October AWF events. The wild and ready Danzig put in a strong effort for the Commonwealth Title on 25 Sept, narrowly being defeated by Powerhouse Theo. He says he has his sights sets on taking out AWF fan favourites Iron Jay and Adam Hoffman at upcoming events.

- Spaceboy Dacey has been on a roll with it almost culminating in him winning the Commonwealth Title on 12 Sept at Parra PCYC. It was one of the most heated bouts of the year, with Theo’s recent big match experience being too much. However on 25 Sept, Dacey bounced back at Mt Druitt and defeated the returning former AWF Champion Dean Draven with his “Space Destroyer”. Spaceboy will team with Rob “The Scientist” on upcoming shows and represent NSW against Kris Taylor of SA in Elizabeth East, SA on 16 Oct.

- Bombshell Bo was put on the shelf with an elbow injury as she was brutalized by Aurora and Harley Wonderland in 3 way action at Bankstown on 22 Aug. She is set to return on upcoming cards.

- Also returning to AWF action on October events will be Krackerjack (9 & 11 Oct), plus Blakestone & Scotty Club (9 Oct).

- Help spread the word of AWF! Now more than ever we need your help. We are looking for dedicated and reliable soldiers to join our AWF Street Team. Help distribute live event materials and become part of the AWF Crew. Members gain access to AWF events and special privileges. Call 0410 691 377 or email and become involved. Support AWF and become part of something fun and special.

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