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1st June 2010

- Autumn is another season in the record books now, with it being notable that all Championship’s remained intact and many new wrestlers emerged, including the formation of a new faction.

- Massive Q remains Australasian Champion fending off all competition in his rampage across Australia during Autumn. Q has defeated top line competitors TNT & Robbie Barnes (NSW), Krackerjack (VIC), Kyote and Sorrow (QLD) amongst others, and even two men at once on a few occasions. The amount of title defenses in such a short time shows that he is being a fighting champion, despite constant back up from his partners in “The Freakshow”. Upcoming bouts will see him face Mick Moretti at the AWF Dojo “Mid Year Mayhem” event, and he will have a title defence against Blakestone on 9 July at The Cube in Campbelltown. Love or hate him, Q has had a dominant first few months since becoming champion.

- AWF Tag Team Champions “The Cornershop Connection” have also remained on top of the Tag Team heap, with victories over all current regular tag teams. Traffic’s recent singles bout with Kasey Jackson at The Cube on 16 April however did not fare so well. He was pinned after distraction from Selene. Frankie Fettucini will have the pleasure to attempt to revenge his partner, as he will face Jackson at the Cube on 9 July.

- “Mint Condition” Mick Moretti’s Young Lion’s Championship reign heads into its ninth month, and the competition keeps coming. In March Mick downed contenders from Qld in the form of Mason Childs and Josh Haze, plus fended off new challenges from Emo Kid Rain and DJ Fusion. Upcoming at the Dojo on 26 May, will see Moretti face Massive Q in a special Champion versus Champion non-title bout to mark the middle of the year.

- Congratulations to Powerhouse Theo as he has passed the 1 Year mark of being AWF Commonwealth Champion. Autumn saw Theo defend once again in heated bouts against the likes of Tama Williams and Mark Hilton, but the strength and momentum of Theo again proved to be too much as he triumphed in victory. Bill Flyswat has stated that his new faction of “Elite Wrestling” is targeting Theo’s Championship, and want the bragging rights to end his reign. Upcoming at the AWF Dojo on 26 May, Powerhouse will face Korea’s “The Masked Musa” and then has future challengers such as Flyswat, The Samoan Warrior and Sir Loin all lining up for Title shots.

- For those of you who didn’t know, AWF has a new website layout up. It’s at our same address . It is similar to our previous website, however possesses superior capabilities for cataloguing of results, which will become apparent in future months. DVDs, T-Shirts, Tickets and more are all there, so check it out regularly!
Be sure to also check out the designers of the new layout, The Sell Network at and see what they are up to also.

- AWF welcomes all its new students starting at the AWF School of Pro-Wrestling at the start of June for the Winter Beginners Semester. Applications for the Spring Semester are now also open for the next course. All interested please send an email to for an application. Looking forward to seeing you all in the ring soon.

- AWF's next School Holiday "Dreamcamp" open to all ages will be 13-16 July. 4 consecutive days of wrestling tuition 10am - 3pm culminating in a taped bout. Fun for all ages. Cost is $300. P
lease send an email to for an application or call 0410691377 for more details.

- Supanova Brisbane and Melbourne are in the books, and once again were fun events, highlighted by the dominance of Massive Q as AWF Champion. The Supanova juggernaut rolls onto Sydney on 19 & 20 June and Perth on 26 & 27 with AWF taking centre stage at 12, 2 and 4pm daily. Sydney will host the annual Supa-Tournament, with surprises galore guaranteed, and the winner to receive a future AWF Title shot. Be sure to come along and be part of these Supa-fun weekends. Match line ups will be on the events page of the AWF Website in the coming week.

- Upcoming events are looking to be some of our most loaded possibly ever. The talent in AWF is currently going from strength to strength with our Australia wide network growing daily.
Mid Year Mayhem at the Dojo on 26 June will be another huge 8 Bout event, and then the Cube on Fri 9 July will be even huger with 12 bouts, featuring the best from around Australia including Victoria’s Krackerjak, Mark Hilton, TNT, Blakestone, SA’s “The Maniac” Wayne Mattei, Powerhouse Theo and Australasian Champion Massive Q. Tickets for these events are on sale at the AWF website now.
After these huge events it is onto PsychoticSlam, where it will be the highest level of competition and will see former TNA star “Player from The Himalaya’s” Sonjay Dutt appear for select dates.
Things aren’t going to be cold in AWF this Winter. Keep up to date with shows and match line ups by visiting the AWF Website Events link and ordering tickets online.

- Former TNA X Division stand out and Zero-1 regular Sonjay Dutt will debut in AWF on August 27-29 PsychoticSlam events. He will face TNT in Penrith, Massive Q in Newcastle and Iron Jay Coles in Fairy Meadow.
He along with TNT will also hold a seminar on Sat 28 August at the AWF Dojo in Minto focusing on X Division style. Cost is $100 Email to reserve your spot.

- Miscommunication has been aplenty in the Team Astronomy Camp at recent events. At Cessnock in March the team went down to “Island Tribe” team of Tama Williams and The Samoan Warrior, and then April they lost to friends The Illusionist and Gravity. At the Fighting Spirit event on 22 May, Robbie almost had the AWF Championship won until Spaceboy entered the frey to defend Mighty Mel, but in the process threw Rob’s “Winning formula” potion into the ring, which Q grabbed and drank. Q then manhandled “The Scientist” and Massive Splashed him for the win. Afterwoods, Spaceboy petitioned Q for a bout at a future card to The Scientist’s apparent disdain. Mighty Mel has been in the middle of it all trying to keep the team on track, and win the Tag Titles back, which they vacated in December due to the team miscommunicating again and not showing up to the Central Coast event on time.

- TNT was ambushed by The Freakshow after his Title shot on 16 April at The Cube and received bruised ribs after a series of Massive Splashes. After a stint in the hospital, TNT returned to action in a bothered state at the 22 May Dojo event against Freddie Falco and Bill Flyswat. Despite the injuries, TNT says he will fight on, and is looking forward to his big 15 Year anniversary event at Panthers on 27 August with a bout against India’s Sonjay Dutt. Tickets are available from Panthers now.

- Korea’s Masked Musa makes his debut at the AWF Dojo on 26 June. Many are asking who this oriental warrior is@f0 He is said to have an impressive martial arts background and has spent time in the Korean Military. His translator told AWF he is coming to win Championships and break week young Australians.

- Speaking of newcomers, Emo Kid Rain, Anubis and Baby Devine all debuted on recent events. AWF welcomes Owen Fitzpatrick to working behind the scenes.

- People interested in working with AWF please contact . We are looking for dedicated volunteer all rounders to help with a variety of tasks. Must be competent, have transport, & good personal skills. The perfect chance for those wanting to break into the wrestling business, especially behind the scenes to help make a difference. Booker/Writers/Dreamers want to be's need not apply.

- Blakestone has apparently more than raised the ire of “The Freakshow” with his recent rescue of TNT, and then defeat of Pestilence and Il Cognito at the 16 April Cube event. Massive Q says he is looking forward to dominating Blakestone at the huge Cube event, and Blakestone’s mission of winning the AWF Australasian Championship this year will end there. Be sure to be at The Cube on 9 July. Tickets available at the AWF website, or on The Cube website or the Campbelltown Catholic Club from 12 June.

- AWF looks forward to welcoming Australian Sporting Group as a sponsor for 2010/11, as well as Boost Juice Bankstown, plus more TBA in the coming weeks.
- If you have a business that currently needs a push and more exposure and you are interested in becoming an AWF sponsor please send details to or call 0410691377 to talk about tag teaming with us over the next 12 months. If you are even interested in sponsoring a wrestler we can cater smaller sponsorships to any business.
- AWF would like to send kudos also to some of our current supporters:
- Thanks goes to Queensland Industrial Rock band Devilution, who are lending tracks to AWF for music videos and other projects. Visit them at
- Speaking of hard music, if this is your scene check out Wicked Metal Gear’s Ebay store online at . Here you can purchase T-Shirts, Hoodies and accessories of all your favourite metal and alternate acts from Slayer to Korn, all at great prices! Check it out and support a local Australian web business.
- Other Aussie websites that do good work to promote AWF include
and The Indy Show podcast at . Be sure to have a look and listen.
- Boost Juice Bankstown is also a great place to stop in for refreshment whenever in the area. Located on Level 2 of The North Terrace at Centro Bankstown, NSW.

- AWF is on Facebook. Make sure you visit & join our Facebook page at to get more of the latest from AWF. Interact with AWF and many of our wrestlers and get the latest info.

- Are you or a family member or friend having a birthday party upcoming? Why not celebrate it with AWF Wrestling! We can have wrestlers visit your party, or even host a party show at our Minto venue, or your hall. If you want the best party you will ever remember give us a call on 0410 691 377 or email for details.

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AWF SUPANOVA BRISBANE (2 Discs): 10 & 11 APRIL, 10 - BRISBANE, QLD - $25
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BEST OF THE BEST 2010: 15 JAN, 10 • PENRITH, NSW • TNT Vs Krackerjak, Blakestone Vs Hilton, Cornershops Vs Island Tribe, Slate Vs Moretti, Australasian Championship Final: Massive Q Vs Iron Jay Coles plus BOB Final.

To order send a cheque or money order to AWF Wrestling: PO Box 473, Plumpton, NSW, 2761. (Add $10 postage to International orders) or by Paypal at

- Thanks for your support of AWF, & hope to see you at the upcoming Winter events! Tell your friends about AWF and spread this news update. Become involved and let's continue to make AWF grow each month in 2010!

See you at the matches!