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1st June 2012

Welcome to the AWF News Update for Winter 2012.
Plenty of exciting live events upcoming including AussieMania 2, Supanova and PsychoticSlam plus AWF School training and lots of big news breaking as we skyrocket into the happenings over June to August.


AWF Australasian Champion: Iron Ben Coles
1. Dean Draven
2. Esteban Molina
3. Spaceboy Dacey
4. Mad Turk Hussain
5. Blakestone

AWF Commonwealth Champion: Powerhouse Theo
1. Krackerjak
2. Rob Barnes
3. Gladiator Apollo
4. Tama Williams
5. Jacko Lantern

AWF Young Lion's Champion: Diego Del Fuego
1. Magnum Holmes
2. DJ Fusion
3. Shane Saw
4. The Illusionist
5. Grant Linstrom

AWF Tag Team Champions: Party Trix: DJ Fusion & The Illusionist
1. Dean Draven & Gladiator Apollo
2. Shane Saw & Con Robinson
3. Mass Transit: Massive Q & Traffic
4. Elite Wrestling: Freddie Falco & Grant Linstrom
5. Multicultural Society: Anubis & Diego Del Fuego


AussieMania 2 • The battle lines have been drawn for the biggest bout in the history of the AWF: Iron Ben Coles versus Powerhouse Theo, Title Versus Title. The winner of this bout will hold both the Australasian & Commonwealth Championships simultaneously, and will be the first person to ever do so. After over 6 months of dissection in the ranks of the Detonation Crew, this heated rivalry will come to a head at Penrith Panthers on 29 June. Be sure to be there in person as history is made. See the promo video here:
In addition to the big championship bout there will be many other huge feature bouts including TNT Vs Esteban Molina 2 out of 3 Falls, Party Trix defending the Tag Titles against Falco & Linstrom, Spaceboy Dacey battles the brutal Blakestone, womens Tag Team action and The Great Aussie Rumble! Tickets available now at Panthers Penrith.

AWF @ Supanova Sydney & Perth: AWF are preparing for 2 awesome weekends of fun filled Supanova action, in Sydney 16-17 June & Perth 23-24 June, as AWF presents live wrestling in the convention setting at these upcoming fantastic events. Be sure to come and support in your region, as there will be lots of surprises and great action at all these events. Check out for full event and ticket details and join us for all of the colour and fun that is Supanova.

AWF School of Pro-Wrestling News: AWF will hold training courses in the month of July for new perspective wrestlers, and those continuing courses. This will be a great time for future wrestlers to get trained in a few weeks of intensive training, with a view to start wrestling this year. Visit the AWF School page at for full course details and email for applications.

PsychoticSlam 2012: Sat 4 August at Blacktown RSL will be the setting for Australia's biggest annual wrestling event PsychoticSlam. Tickets are available at the venue now, with a huge card to be announced stemming from the outcomes of AussieMania. This will get psycho so don't miss this event!

Diego Del Feugo becomes Young Lion's Champion: AWF has a new Young Lion's Champion as Diego Del Fuego suckered Spaceboy Dacey into a Title bout at Australia Vs The World on 12 May, and with the help of Anubis underhandedly duped the Spaceboy out of the belt.
AWF would like to congratulate Spaceboy on a tremendous Young Lion's reign, and also is interested to see how Del Fuego will fair as Young Lion's Champion. Credit where it's due, Diego has been successful in AWF, and is undefeated in singles action, and now brings gold to the Multicultural Society. AWF management wishes Diego Del Fuego a successful reign. A swag of Young Lion's competitors are waiting in the wings to now challenge Del Fuego, including Detective Magnum Holmes.

Dean Draven Title Shot in Waiting: Stemming from his win at Best of The Best, The Panther Dean Draven still has an AWF Title shot at any eligible title up his sleave. It seems like Draven is waiting for the prime opportunity to strike. It will be interesting to see how and when he chooses to go after championship gold.

Injuries Update: •The Illusionist returned to action at recent AWF events, making an impact with victories on the Gold Coast, and returning to the AWF Championship scene at Parramatta with partner DJ Fusion defeating The Island Tribe at Australia Vs The World.
- Jack Tasman suffered a foot injury at Supanova Melbourne and missed some bouts over the weekend. He returned hampered at Gold Coast and Parramatta, and is blaming his defeats on his injury.
- Powerhouse Theo suffered a strong head blow at NWA World Title Bout in his bout against Rob Barnes, but was ok shortly after and did not miss any scheduled appearances.

Attend a Live Event!: Unfortunately our last events in Blacktown and Parramatta were not well attended. A lot of efort goes into the shows and they are a lot of fun, but without more support they may not survive forever. We urge our supporters to spread the word and bring friends to the upcoming live events to secure good attendances and keep quality pro-wrestling events alive in these venues and others in the area.

New AWF DVDs: Our DVD guru Swanee has been working extra hard to bring the AWF DVD catalogue up to date. Some new releases are ready, and more in final stages of production include Hits from the Dojo, 2011 Year In Review, Year End Extravaganza 2011, and Best of the Best 2012.
New Releases available now include:
Aussie Mania (10 June, 11)
A Night To Remember ( 17 Feb, 12)
NWA World Title Bout ( 4 March, 12)
All DVDs are $25 postage paid in Australia and $30 Internationally available at the AWF Store
Please support these releases and keep up to date with AWF!