AWF 2016 COMMISSIONER'S REPORT - Australasian Wrestling Federation
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22nd December 2016

Wow! What a great year 2016 has been for AWF Wrestling!
Hello! It's your AWF Commissioner Matt Svenson here, and I have been reflecting on the year that was 2016. The last show of the year saw Dean Draven lose both his AWF Commonwealth Championship and also the AWF Heavyweight Championship after what was a 2 and a half year reign. 2016 saw Draven defend these titles against the best competition the world has to offer. Including the likes of Concrete Davidson, Kingston Eclipse, Blakestone, Whiskey Sixx, and the man who would ultimately end Deans title reign; TNT. All these accomplishments won Draven the AWF 'Wrestler of the Year' Award. Dean Draven's disrespectful actions when accepting the award do not change the fact that he had an amazing year.
Speaking of year end awards, Tag Team of the Year winners the Flamboyant Freedom Fighters 80's Art launched themselves to the top of Australia's Tag Team Division by capturing the prestigious AWF Tag Team titles in a tournament that was held over the Supanova Sydney weekend in June. 80's Art are still your current Tag Team Champions after defeating the likes of; VIP, The Polynesians with Attitude, Thrash 'n Bash and the monsters that are the Bullet Kilq among many more.
Also on the AWF Awards Night, we witnessed the first ever AWF Lifetime Achievement Award be presented to the voice of the AWF 'The Duke' Kieran Burns. As the AWF commissioner I would like to personally thank the Duke for his hard work for the AWF. We would not be where we are if it wasn't for Kieran. Wishing you good health and cannot wait to see (and to hear) you in the AWF ring where you belong.
In 2016 AWF continued to attract big names in wrestling from all over the world. Including the likes of; WCW Legend and Yoga Master of the Diamond Cutter - Diamond Dallas Page, Progress Wrestling's Jimmy Havoc, Pro Wrestling NOAH's Kingston Eclipse, The UK's Liam Rudge, and New Zealand's Haydn Daniels. AWF also saw interstate standouts make their way to NSW to climb the AWF ranks. These included; From the Bullet Kliq - Giant Kyote and Spaceman Dacey. From Victoria, JXT, Syd Parker and Benny Factor.
AWF saw many new faces this year through the AWF School of Pro-Wrestling. These wrestlers having their first ever matches were; Jake Gibson, The Blacktown Brawler, Djaysonic, Jack Pain, JJ Wick and Matt Static.
And to show how the AWF School of Pro Wrestling produces top quality athletes, one of this years debuting stars took part in what was crowned the AWF Match of the Year. The Blacktown Brawler defeated Jackson Spade in a crazy Hardcore bout at the Bald Faced Stag Hotel in July.
As AWF Commissioner, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people who allow AWF to thrive, year after year. Firstly I would like to thank all of you AWF supporters who have made our shows awesome this year. And a big special thanks to our AWF Supporters of the Year; Mark Irons, Ryan Howroyd, Nigel Highley, and Kathryn and Dean Hawkins. If it wasn't for all your support, AWF wouldn't be what it is. A big thanks to our Head Referee - The Official Official Gary Doyle for keeping the standards of officiating very high.
Now a huge thank you to the wonderful crew that are the glue that makes the shows possible. Thank you to the beautiful Rianna Svenson for always, taking care of the merch, the door, helping with ring crew and first aid for our wrestlers. Thank you to the man with the camera, Russell Craig for making us all look good and the countless hours of editing you do that no one sees. Thank you to Lisa Oxford for capturing all the action in the ring and getting those photos out there for all to see. Thank you to Jason Issaac for giving us our sound. Thank you to Laura Craig for helping at the merch desk and door and thank you to all the trainees who help on show day, I cannot wait to see what your future holds.
2016 ended with a BOOM! As AWF legend TNT dethroned the dual champion Dean Draven. In doing so, he captured the Commonwealth Championship belt for the first time, and begins his 7th reign as AWF Heavyweight Champion. The championship win capped off a stellar 21st year in professional wrestling for the master of the detonator. After his win, TNT formed an alliance with his long time friend Whiskey Sixx and two of AWFs fastest rising stars Matt Static and Jack Pain. With the Detonation Crew being such a strong unit, I am excited to see if any group of competitors will be able to topple them.
Bring on 2017!!!

The Commish.